Care instructions

When you're not wearing your jewelry please store them in a safe and secure place, our jewelry boxes are a great place to keep them. In order to enjoy your jewelry as long as possible please follow the following care instructions:

Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products e.g. soap, perfume, abrasive products.

Do not wear jewelry while swimming

Chlorine, detergents, oils, moisturizers & perfumes can all cause damage.

Remove jewelry when doing household tasks.

Avoid impact with hard surfaces as much as possible.

Gently wipe jewelry clean with a soft cloth after each wear to remove make up and oils (from skin).

Coil chains gently to prevent damage in storage.

Do not keep jewelry in the bathroom.


If one of your items is damaged, please send us an email to: include your order number, description and a photo of the damage.

If we are able to repair/exchange your piece, we will issue you a repair number and shipping instructions. All repairs are subject to shipping charges. If there are any items which need to be repaired due to a production fault, by GALYA will provide you with a new item. We reserve the right to deny unreasonable repairs, returns, and exchanges.

If you have a question about repairs, please let us know at